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Automotive Partners

12+ Automotive brands agreements will be unveiled over the course of a year with dual promotion.

Next Unveil
To be announced 

Owning an NFT enables to CASH OUT  your $MILE driven and all $MILE from your Driving Club

NFTs Collection

Drive & Earn Cash

Convert the miles you drive with Atlas Navi into $NAVI tokens with one of the vehicle NFTs available for sale. 

For the last six months, you’ve been able to drive and accumulate 1 $MILE for each mile driven in the Atlas Navi mobile apps.

Past and future $MILEs can be converted into $NAVI only with a vehicle NFT.

Starting on Feb 15, 2023 you won't receive any MILE rew
ard without a car NFT

Unconverted MILEs earned before 15th Feb will be expired on this date.    
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HOW TO GET A 3D Vehicle NFT:

1. Credit Card Payments
2. With $NAVI Tokens for a 10% discount
3. Stake $NAVI through our Dealership program and get a 25% discount


Automatic 30 days NFT staking applies. 

We’re pleased to announce that we are now offering Credit Card payments,  to add convenience and flexibility for our drivers to purchase 3D vehicle NFTs.

Payments are processed through Stripe, directly on their website, a leading payment processor where your information is completely secure and encrypted.

NFT Calendar

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