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OMV Petrom Fuel Voucher terms and conditions

Please read the entire terms and conditions below (both in English and Romanian), as well as the general terms on our website, as well as the ones linked in the text below, as they are inclusive and define your rights and usage of the platform. 

Va rugam sa cititi toti termenii si conditiile de mai jos (atat in Engleza cat si in Romana), inclusiv termenii generali de pe site-ul nostru, precum si termenii din linkurile din textul de mai jos, deoarece ei sunt inclusi si definesc drepturile si felul de a utiliza platforma.

[RO] Termeni si Conditii aplicabili voucherelor de combustibil de la OMV Petrom - Termeni specifici fiecarui voucher: 

- E-voucherul se va folosi, o singura data, numai pentru achizitionarea de carburant in statiile OMV si Petrom de pe teritoriul Romaniei.

- Pentru plata unei achizitii se pot cumula mai multe E-vouchere.

- Daca valoarea achizitiei depaseste valoarea E-voucher-ului, restul de plata se poate achita in numerar sau cu card bancar.

- Nu se accepta returnarea E-voucherului sau rambursari in numerar partiale sau integral.

- La expirarea perioadei de valabilitate E-voucherul nu poate fi reactivat, schimbat sau returnat.

Termenii si conditiile de utilizare sunt disponibile la adresa


[EN] Terms and conditions regarding OMV Petrom Vouchers:

  • First 500 vouchers are valid until July 2026

  • No refunds!

  • No cashback on unused amounts!

  • Can be combined with other vouchers, payment methods (cash, card) or offers.

  • Valid only in Romania for all types of fuel and at all 555 OMV or Petrom locations. 

  • Includes natural liquified gas fuel (GPL) 

  • Examples:
    a) If you refuel for 60 RON and pay with a 100 RON voucher, you will lose the remaining 40 RON.
    b) If you refuel for 120 RON and use one 100 RON voucher, you can pay the remaining 20 RON with cash or credit / debit card at the counter.

  • Multiple vouchers can be cumulated and combined to pay for one refuel.

  • Vouchers can be transmitted to others. Vouchers can be marked as used / unused in the app for better management, they will not automatically be marked as such.

NAVI Vouchers versus $NAVI crypto tokens versus other app vouchers: 

  • In order to purchase any real-life services provided by our partners, you, the user will need to exchange either $NAVI tokens (cryptocurrency) or NAVI-V (NAVI vouchers). 

  • In an effort to make it as easy as possible for anyone to have access to the offers inside Atlas Market, we made it possible for any user to acquire NAVI-V (NAVI vouchers) which they can exchange for services and products (or other vouchers) at any of our partners. 

  • If you are purchasing NAVI Vouchers in the app please note that:
    - they are valid until and must be spent before December 31, 2025.
    - Each NAVI Voucher represents one multi-purpose voucher.
    - They can only be used for redeeming real-life products and services from our partners inside the Atlas Market app.
    - NAVI Vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be withdrawn to a crypto wallet or exchanged for $NAVI tokens.
    - They are NOT $NAVI crypto tokens.
    - The value of a NAVI voucher is equal to the NAVI crypto token and fluctuates often.
    - By purchasing NAVI vouchers you agree to these terms and those at

  • Exchange rates at moment of purchase are live, real time, rates with no commissions or spreads.

LIMITS: A limit of 5000 NAVI per week to be spent on these vouchers has been factored in, independent from the 10.000 $NAVI weekly withdrawal limit. This is in the beginning to allow as many people as possible to acquire at least a few vouchers and is well above what an average driver refuels weekly anyway.

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