Get everything you need in a navigation app

By Drivers, For Drivers

Turn-by-turn directions

Automated and manual incident reports

Driver score and maintenance alerts

Record your trips

Voice guidance

Group trips

Drive to Earn with 3D licensed vehicles NFTs

Best Navigation Experience

Garage with NFT car configurator

My Car

Add members to your group trip, participants can see & track each-other

Group Trip

See members of group on map + follow the leader + walkie-talkie chat

Group Trip

Essential information is presented clearly with large buttons for easy access when in the vehicle

Friendly menu

Besides automatic reports, users can submit manual reports, as well

Real-time traffic alerts

NFT Marketplace. Officially licensed digital vehicles

Choose your car

Every driver has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to how a car should look. 360 car virtual tour with real graphics representation

Car Customisation

Record road footage content and upload it automatically to the Atlas Navi Cloud

Trips History

Improves driving habits and increasing fuel efficiency.

Driver Score

Earn $MILE in-app tokens by driving your real-life car while contributing to the community with traffic and detection data

Drive to Earn

Atlas Navi is based on collectible NFTs powered by blockchain, with our world’s first AI Navigation app where your NFT is minted and displayed as a 3D NFT car model on the map.
An NFT's metrics and rarity will affect its earnings performance. Users must consider each metric and optimise them for maximum earnings

Licensed car NFTs

Invite friends to your Driving Club and earn $NAVI when they join and whenever they drive with the Atlas Navi app.
You earn rewards for the members you bring directly AND for the members brought by those members, up to 3 levels deep

My driving club

The combination of motion sensors and the location trajectory reveals
a lot about the style of individual drivers, including the smoothness or aggression of each maneuver (acceleration, brake, turn, lane change).
Driver behavior monitoring and tips can reduce fuel and maintenance costs and prevent an accident before it occurs

Helping the enviroment

Atlas Navi beta is here

The purpose of this BETA version is to allow the Atlas Navi community to test the app, provide feedback and to build your own Driving Club organisation, getting rewards for each member who joins up to 3 levels deep (one time rewards + % of miles driven)

Download the app!

Test it, provide feedback and help us grow by inviting friends to your Driving Club.
We appreciate all your support and look forward to improving Atlas Navi together.
If you are part of our community, we are proud and honored to navigate together through the launch of Atlas Navi.We appreciate any feedback and recommendation you might have about Atlas Navi to your friends and social media followers. And Atlas Navi rewards you for anyone joining through your referral code
Community support
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