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Drive to Earn

To start earning you will need to have a 3D vehicle NFT when you are driving with Atlas Navi app. In the in-app marketplace you can either choose to buy with credit card or with Navi tokens.

When you buy a 3D vehicle NFT there are a few main factors that you need to consider: the NFT type, and the attributes ( rate reward, fuel tank, level)

1. Buying a 3D vehicle NFT

  • With Credit / Debit Cards - Automatic 30 days NFT staking applies.

We are now offering Credit Card payments,  to add convenience and flexibility for our drivers to purchase 3D vehicle NFTs. In the payment process make sure you use the same phone number associated with your Atlas Navi account. Payments are processed through Stripe, directly on their website, a leading payment processor where your information is completely secure and encrypted. Note: NFTs collection are limited. Stay up to date with Atas Navi through our Social Channels Twitter Telegram Discord Instagram Facebook

  • With $NAVI Tokens

Purchasing NAVI. When you have your wallet set up, if you don't already have NAVI you can purchase it from Centralised Exchanges such as: KuCoin,,Hotbit Once your wallet is set up and you have deposited Navi tokens into your Altas Navi Wallet, your next step is buying a 3D Vehicle NFT.

2. Getting Driving!

Your main fuel tank automatically refills in 24 hours, 25% every six hours. When your tank comes with to 0 fuel if you don't want to wait for your main tank to build up, you can buy Extra Fuel Cans.

This is why depositing NAVI into your Atlas Navi Wallet is so important. Make sure that you have enough NAVI in your Atlas NAvi Wallet to purchase the Extra Fuel Cans whenever you need.

Before you start make sure that your location services are switched on, and set to " allow all the time". Once your vehicle NFT fuel has built up, all that's left to do is get driving! To begin drive and earn,  go to the vehicle NFT you just bought, click on STAKE and Favourite your NFT and then you can set up a destination and go.

3. Earning

And just like that, you've earned your first MILE tokens!

When you reach your destination make sure your "End" the trip. At the end of your trip will pop up with a summary of your earnings and distance driven.

After a trip users can see how much they earned at the end of the trip , and they always can check their trips History. You can convert your MILE into NAVI tokens for levelling up your vehicle NFT, and fuel tank capacity or buy Extra Fuel Cans, and of course, you can trade your NAVI on exchanges.

Your earnings from driving can be checked from the Atlas Navi Wallet.

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