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Atlas Habit decentralized payment subscriptions

ATLAS HABIT is the WEB3 product available to anyone who wants to automatically process decentralized payment subscriptions, directly on the blockchain, without the need of a recurring action from the user.

-> Automatic subscription processing with no risk or action on user side.

-> Get paid daily / monthly / yearly subscriptions, in any ERC-20 / BSC-20 / EVM compatible token. Stablecoin or not. 

-> Define your own terms, periods, amounts and limits

-> (optional) Automatic conversion to stablecoin

-> Low fees (1% at launch)

-> Trustless and extremely secure

-> Cancel anytime or as defined in smart contract
-> Notifications of subscriptions, cancellations, insufficient funds.

Imagine the power of subscriptions in the blockchain world. Hassle-free, trustless, extremely secure and most importantly, AUTOMATIC.

Are you a content creator, mobile app or website developer who wants to receive automatic subscriptions paid in any ERC-20 / BSC-20 tokens?

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